Tuesday, September 13, 2016

7 years no updates, still this blog has traffic

I did not update this blog for almost 7 years, I did not even login to the blogger for sometime. Today, I login to this blog, and this blog has some traffic. It's a big surprise to me!.

I made only 13 posts, in that only 4 are more relevant and useful for techies.

I decided to update this blog frequently. In this 7 years, I climbed little in my corporate career ladder, currently working as a Project Manager, managing a J2EE project and a .NET / SharePoint project. Even though I am a Project Manager, I still engage my self in technical hands on.

Lots of changes in the industry, Java is diminishing. Social Media went to another level, Mobile platform is in inevitable. I continue share my career experience in this blog.

I am a passionate Project Manager with 17 years of experience in IT Industry living in Singapore. I am perfectly blended with technical and project management skills, I have strong Architect experience in J2EE. I manage end to end systems right from the network to application layer.  
Click my linked in profile to know more about my career profile. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ponnusamypurushothaman