Monday, January 12, 2009

Exception Handling - Code for failures - Part-1

Exception Handling - Code for failures (Part-1)
This article is not about what is Exception Handling, this article is just providing some tips, do's , don'ts and sharing the knowledge about Exception Handling and designing of Exception Handling...

Exception Handling is nothing but preparation for failures, if we do not prepare for failures, then expect the more system failures.

Normally we the programmers do not bother much about failure cases while coding, programmers concentrate more on to code the funcationality, yes it is important to complete the optimistic path of the program but the world is not so perfect.
We write a program to run successfully in a conditionl environment, that means we define a program run successfully in this environemnt for this inputs and in this state, so we must concentrate on the Exception Handling to face when the program runs in improper environemt or inputs or states

Improper or poor exception handling will lead for the following things
1. Maitenance will be very difficult
2. Difficult to debug.
3. More turn around time.

Do we have any gauge for perfect Exception handling?
Never mind, as long as we are able to identify the reason for failures without looking the Stacktrace then the Exception Handling is done in good manner.

I will write more in the next part...

Part 2 is here


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