Monday, September 1, 2008

How do I introduce myself?

I am Purushothaman (many call me as "Puru"), I am just working in Java/J2EE since 1999 and mostly I have worked for developing web based systems and have worked on some Perl, PHP projects earlier time in my carrier.

I know something in java, and I am sharing this with my friends, colleagues, with my wife and now I am sharing in the web. I have done the Sun java2 vertification for programmer in the year 2002

OK what I am going to write in this? Technical articles? Nope... I just share my experience, thoughts, effects cause by java, It might contain technical information, management related items and experience with people but all these linked with me by Java...

Books, surf in net, family, java, people

Boot Licking, Back stabbing

Political View:
Leftist (but definitely not like a pseudo communists, I believe the better system falls in between capitalism and communism)

Believe in Human Rights

You can reach me on

The information and this blog conents are my own views, this should not relate this with any other organisations and especially should not relate with my current organisation.